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Here are some websites that may be helpful to you

Diocese of Baton Rouge -- St. Albert Chapel & Catholic Student Center is entirely owned and operated by the Catholic Diocese of
Baton Rouge

Disciples Called to Witness: The New Evangelization - an interactive version of the document, “Disciples Called to Witness: The New Evangelization.”

The Vatican -- the official web site of the Holy See

Liturgy of the Hours -- Also called Divine Office, or Breviary, is the official prayer of the Church offered at various times of the day in order to sanctify it. Clergy and religious have a canonical obligation to pray the Liturgy of the Hours as official representatives of the Church. Increasingly, the laity are also praying it, though they do not do so in the name of the Church.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge -- a Catholic organization that proclaims the gospel vision of Jesus Chris by serving the needs of individuals and families, especially the poorest, and working with Church and community for justice, peace and compassion in society.

Catholic Online -- Catholic News and Information Center for Catholics and All People of God, to Help them Deepen their understanding of Our Catholic Faith.

Get Mass Times Anywhere -- A Listing of Mass times and Church locations all over the world!

Catholic Answers Forums -- Here you can join over 130,000 members from around the world discussing all things Catholic. Membership is open to all, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, who seek the Truth with Charity.

Bible Christian Society -- This is a non-profit organization offering free apologetics resources for Catholics. Their emphasis on scripture helps Catholics answer common objections and share thier faith with others.

Baton Rouge Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend -- Making good marriages better.

Baton Rouge Catholic Engaged Engaged Encounter Weekends -- “Pre-cana” experience for couples preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage with Fr. Randy at St. Albert.

Retrouvaille Weekends -- A lifeline for troubled marriages.

Baton Rouge Grief Recovery Center -- assists those struggling with grief to understand, cope, and adjust to their losses. It also works with professionals and non-professionals to increase their understanding of the needs of the bereaved and how best to respond to those needs.