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Hopes for the Future

New Marquis
The marquis has much potential to disseminate information about what's happening at St. Albert. We would love to have a digital marquis and one that is more attractive and would draw student attention to St. Albert and our activities.

By now, everyone has had a chance to view the architect rendition of the planned improvements to the courtyard area between the Student Center Building and Auditorium Section of the Chapel Building. This project will turn the courtyard area into a covered pavilion and effectively join the two buildings for the purpose of receptions and student use. The ceiling of the pavilion will feature lighting and fans. It will also renovate the interior student recreation room area into a “coffee house” environment. The cost of this total plan may exceed $100,000.00, so it is ambitious for our troubled economic times and won’t be able to be accomplished in one fell swoop. But the first phase, namely the flooring (brick pavers) was completed thanks to the special donation of a generous St. Albert Support Community member.