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Policies, Sacrament Procedures, and Forms

Weddings: Within the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Catholic weddings must be conducted inside a Catholic Church, and may not be conducted on Saturdays after 4:00 pm, or on Sundays, with our without Mass. With a special dispensation, marriages between a Catholic and non-Catholic may be conducted by a non-Catholic minister inside a non-Catholic Church. Please review the policy booklet above for more information.

Funerals: Within the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Funeral Masses are permitted only within a Catholic Church, but Catholic funeral services without Mass or Holy Communion may be conducted in a funeral home chapel. A family may request a Funeral Mass in a Catholic Church for a deceased non-Catholic family member. In many cases, a Catholic Church may be able to accommodate a wake or visitation, so that expense of using a funeral home chapel will not be necessary. Catholic graveside rites customarily follow a Catholic Church funeral Mass or funeral home service. In cases of cremation, a memorial mass in a Catholic Church, with or without the presence of the cremains, is appropriate.

St Albert multi-function facilities are unconventional, and its ability to host visitation and Masses for funerals, as well as the related parking, is more limited when classes at Southeastern Louisiana University are in session. Please speak with the Director/Chaplain, before planning funerals at St. Albert.

All other sacraments:

Please consult the policies listed above, or contact the Director/Chaplain, directly.