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Who Am I Called to Be?

From the Latin word meaning, "call," vocation refers to the specific way that a person will be the most loving man or woman possible. As the first vocation is to be a loving human, the first question in discerning a vocation is: "What life will make me love best'?" Since discernment is ongoing throughout life, other questions remain, such as, "Which ministry needs my talents and gifts?" or "What charism is best for my personality?"

Here are some links to sites which may be helpful to you as you explore your vocation in life. These sites are specifically vocation or discernment related -- there are other more general sites on our Catholic Links Page.

VISION -- Catholic Religious Vocation Network

Diocese of Baton Rouge Vocation Office -- Fr. Randy is a priest of the Diocese of Baton Rouge.

Marianites of Holy Cross -- This is the congregation to which Sr. Renée belongs.

Catholics on Call -- Catholics On Call assists young adults to reflect on God’s call in their lives.